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 What is Run time error and compile time error in C programming?

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PostSubject: What is Run time error and compile time error in C programming?   Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:37 pm

Compile time errors occur when you compile your application.

Run time errors occur when your application is run.

Compile time errors may be of any nature. They may be environmental problems like the host machine running out of disk space during compilation or missing files. They can be problems with the code, like syntax errors or incomplete declarations. Some compilers will check for style and logical correctness.

Run time errors may be reported by the run time system, errors like null pointer de-references and division by zero. Other run time errors may be reported by the application itself, for example if it cannot open a file it needs. Yet more errors may simply be bad behaviour on the part of the application, like getting stuck in an unterminating loop.

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What is Run time error and compile time error in C programming?
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